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It’s Friday and time for some FUN! For these first two categories we provided choices for each other.

Make me choose between: two ships

Anika: Janeway/Seven or Kira/Dax?
Sam: Ezri or Jadzia?
Anika: Jadzia (cuz we’ve more of her).
Sam: I’m not sure why I asked, since duh I’m going to say Janeway/Seven. Though weirdly, now I mostly hang onto them out of nostalgia and sort of love Jadzia/Kira a ton… but more for what I think would be amazing conversations between them that we never got to see. Whereas, IMO, Janeway and Seven were fairly canonical. And that is my novel for why I chose Janeway/Seven.

Sam: Carol Danvers and Peter Parker or Elizabeth and Henry McCord?
Anika: They’re very similar actually? The McCords are a bit more down to earth and less quippy but not by a lot. I’m going to choose them though, because I have other ships for Peter and Carol but I can’t imagine Henry or Elizabeth with anyone else (post each other).

Anika: Bucky/Natasha or Bart/Cissie?
Sam: Bart/Cissie. I think I have way too much youthful, nostalgic attachment to them. Plus, like, when you plan out a family tree for three or four generations it’s hard not to choose them, y’know?

Sam: Imma be mean and make you choose between Padmé/Anakin and Leia/Han, even though I think I know the answer.
Anika: So I grew up wanting to be Han and Leia’s daughter, and they are definitely responsible for my love of couples who bicker and all that. But I can talk about Anakin and Padmé nonstop for days. I will randomly start crying that they could have had it all — and then feel guilty that I don’t really want them to because that’s not the point? Watching Han and Leia makes me happy (even when they’re miserable because see above re: happy ever after is not the point) but it will always be Anakin and Padmé.
Sam: I did know the answer! Including the “well, Han and Leia BUT Anakin and Padme.” 😉

Anika: Ummm, let’s see: Sansa/Margaery or Ginny/Luna?
Sam: Sansa/Margaery, because they’re an important part in my “the seven queens of Westeros” wishes for the end game of the series (maybe Margaery will survive in the books!). Also I’m a Ginny/Hermione hardliner, don’t @ me.

Sam: Beverly/Jean-Luc or Beverly/Janeway?
Anika: Beverly/Jean-Luc is one of those formative ships, like they were my first fanfic! And I am angry to this day that we didn’t get their endgame on screen. On the other hand Beverly/Janeway is RIFE with possibilities and it ends up more interesting. Can I choose Beverly/Jean-Luc/Janeway?
Sam: I’m totally fine with that.

Make me choose between: two characters

Anika: Wonder Woman or Furiosa?
Sam: Oh, man. Furiosa. She’s angrier, and I always connect more with anger.

Sam: Emma Swan or Rey?
Anika: OMG, that’s not even fair.
Sam: I’m sorry!
Anika: I feel like MY Emma would win but canon Emma loses out to canon Rey. And canon Rey has a better chance of not being destroyed by canon. But I will fight anybody who puts Emma down!

Anika: Kate Spencer or Casey Novak?
Sam: Kate Spencer for sure, but in my heart of hearts I want them to team up and kick bad guys around a lot. I love Novak.

Sam: Ok, hmmm. Tony Stark or Tom Paris?
Anika: Dang, you know me so well. They even each have a redhead who believes they can be better and so they finally decide to try.
Sam: Yup!
Anika: I’m gonna give it to Tom because he is a more helpful (and hopeful?) lesson in how to be better.

Anika: Superman or the Eleventh Doctor?
Sam: [screams!] They’re SO SIMILAR. This is so tough, but I think the Doctor. Because he loves humans and Earth and has hope and believes in our potential, just like Clark does, but the Doctor also looks outward at the infinite possibility for wonderfulness in space, while Superman is more of a sticking-around-Earth sorta guy. Clark wants to be one of us and the Doctor wants to see us grow. Also, the eleventh Doctor is a doofus and I just love him and his stupid hair.

Sam: Bruce Wayne or Bail Organa?
Anika: Aaaaaack. I mean it’s Bail Organa (love of my life), but wow now I want his movie to be about how he is basically Batman and Coruscant is Gotham and woooooooooooow. I never even realized their similarities and now I’m gonna cry about it.

For the last category, we selected vaguely traditional pairings and each answered.

Make me choose between: two fandoms

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Sam: I mean. Star Trek. According to my parents, I watched Star Trek in the womb. And even though I know I liked Star Wars growing up, Star Trek has always been a constant presence in my life that’s probably influenced me more than anything besides The Simpsons.
Anika: And that’s why, even though I love Star Trek desperately, it’s Star Wars for me. It’s the fandom I can point to and say “this is why”.


Anika: It’s strange cuz I am kinda more optimistic for DCEU at this point? I probably still choose MCU but only because there are more characters I care about there.
Sam: DCEU. I actually really like Zack Snyder as a director? And I think Man of Steel could lose (or rework) the last hour of destruction, BUT it leads really really well into BvS and sets up Bruce’s PTSD, which is sort of the driving force of his character in the movie and also Wonder Woman exists in the DCEU AND they got Ezra Miller to play the Flash, who already looks more like Bart than Barry so even if he’s called Barry I’m very happy about it. Anyway, Man of Steel has my single favorite moment in any comic book movie ever made, when Clark closes his eyes in the sunlight and then takes off and smiles while he’s flying for the first time, with that big music swelling, so I will always love the DCEU for giving me that.
Anika: Yah, see I’ve only seen Man of Steel  once because the last hour of destruction was too traumatic for me at the time, but then as you say, I related to Bruce and I love Bruce, so yeah.
Sam: This just came up on my Tumblr dash and this is why I love the DCEU.

Westworld or Wynonna Earp?

Sam: Wynonna Earp! The lil’ show I never expected to love that I will fight to the death for. I actually was only so-so on Westworld (it’s pretty! and well-acted! but just doesn’t do it for me) and I LOVE WYNONNA EARP WITH THE BURNING INTENSITY OF A THOUSAND SUNS. I love literally everyone on the show, even the male leads, and that’s saying something these days.
Anika: Me, too, actually. Not about Westworld, which is very much a Made for Anika Series and has the incomparable Thandie Newton (cast Thandie Newton in everything 2k17) in a role that is finally almost worthy of her. But Wynonna Earp is SO GOOD and keeps getting better? And just makes me happy? And I choose it.

Harry Potter or His Dark Materials

Anika: Thing here is, I love Marisa Coulter, and Lord Asriel, and Marisa Coulter and Lord Asriel, with an almost pathological furor but they are not actually what those books are about.
Sam: I guess I’d choose Harry Potter. I want to revisit His Dark Materials. I remember loving it but also getting very confused by its plot? But I haven’t read it in a long time. I liked the movie though, and wish they made more. And Harry Potter is Harry Potter. It has its flaws, but there’s something so magical about it. I was really anti-HP at first (someone in college told me you’re an idiot if you don’t read HP, so I didn’t read HP and then I saw the first movie and loved the world) but I dunno. Who doesn’t want to get sorted and find out there wand and whatever? I mean, the story is fine too, I guess (HERMIONE X GINNY5EVA, LUNA IS THE REAL HERO, ETC.) but the WORLD is why I love it.
Anika: That’s interesting because the world is ultimately why I’m not choosing HDM. There is a lot of intricate world building that I can appreciate on an aesthetic level but by the third book actually turned me off of the story. Because I wasn’t invested in that (which is entirely personal, obviously). And I agree that, of course, I want to be in the Wizarding World!
Sam: Yeah, the stories I love the most are the ones happening in a world I actually want to live in. With characters I want to hang out with.

The Hunger Games or The Handmaid’s Tale

Sam: I mean, The Handmaid’s Tale is a classic of literature and set the stage for so many things – including The Hunger Games – that came after it. But at least in The Hunger Games it’s action oriented? I don’t know. I like The Handmaid’s Tale, but it’s brutal to read. So I *enjoy* The Hunger Games more.
Anika: Everything about The Hunger Games has become so meta for me (post the wildly popular film series) that I cringed at ‘enjoying’ The Hunger Games. That is more a commentary on ME than you or the series, but it’s interesting how my relationship to THG has evolved since I first read it. I didn’t really like it and I especially couldn’t stand Katniss. But I’ve reread the whole trilogy I think three times and the films are good.
Sam: The films are very good.
Anika: I hadn’t actually read The Handmaid’s Tale until this year — I wanted to read it before watching the Hulu series. Book and series are both pretty brutal – maybe the lack of action makes that stand out more?
Sam: I haven’t finished the series yet. I have a way easier time reading about terrible things than watching them (see also Game of Thrones). Also they added stuff to the series that made it much more personal to me. Not that a government controlling women’s bodies wasn’t personal before, but you know.
Anika: Yeah, I know a lot of people who haven’t been able to watch it. I think I choose Handmaid’s because it’s more personal? But it’s a tough call because I honestly don’t LIKE either.


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